Mad Men Recap While Sober 05×07 “At The Codfish Ball”

Normally I watch Mad Men and drink but I was at a wedding this weekend and people literally staged dived so that should tell you how much alcohol was being served there.  On to the recap…

Creeper Glen is older and a bit, and I mean a very tiny bit, less creepy.  Sally nearly kills that old woman with the phone cord which is funny because today kids just text each while they insult adults all day so it’s like nothing changed…minus having a long cord in the hallway that nearly kills the old woman.

Roger takes acid and it provides a ton of insight like asking his ex for help to land a client.  And his ex-wife seems totally fine by it…I’m assuming she’s getting banged a lot because if my wife left me for a much young and much hotter man I would NOT help her unless I was being banged by a hot guy.

I feel like my analogy is off but I’m not sure how…

Montreal’s Mom drinks herself to sleep.  That tells me something…also her parents loathe each other but that’s par for the course for married couples on Mad Men so that tells me nothing.

I can’t tell if Montreal’s baked beans idea was legitimately liked by Don or not…but I guess it was since the two 60s bros like it and simultaneously hate her for it.  Peggy needs to smoke because that writer doesn’t like the two 60s bros talking about her titties…which I somewhat agree with?  And Montreal’s dad is a Maoist?  Sounds delicious.

Does Peggy know that was not a real marriage proposal?  The word “marry” was never uttered by the guy who dresses like a Black Panther.

Montreal actually doing something good!  To be honest, if I was in a business where I was taken out a lot, I would string everyone along all the time; I enjoy food, Broadway, and whorehouses way too much not too.

Montreal being back to an annoying bitch!  Peggy gives probably her nicest speech ever to a woman and Megan’s got that, “I have to poop right now” look on her face.  God, GO BACK TO QUEBEC BITCH AND EAT SOME POUTINE!


This feels like Montreal’s big episode as her parents are The Worst and since she’s their kid it makes sense she’s The Worst because she’s occasionally The Best in this episode and why o why could I have not had something to drink so that could my excuse for the horrible analogies I keep pushing on you fine readers.

Sally looks like a child space whore.

I can never tell if Pete is good at his job but then he made the Maoist smile which is a miracle untoitself.  Is untoitself one word?  I don’t think so, it’s underlined in red at the moment…

I really wanted to hate the Mom for giving Peggy shit but I agree with the, “He’s just using you for practice” statement.  There’s just something about him that’s off to me…maybe it’s being white and dressing like a black panther but I’m white and dress like a black panther so I shouldn’t throw stones at black panthers.

To recap the saddest awards dinner of all time:

-Karl Marx is ruining Montreal’s life.

-No one is ever going to work with Don because of that letter.

-Karl Marx’s wife is blowing Roger.

-Sally sees Karl Marx’s wife blowing Roger.

-Baked Alaska was the main course.

See you next week!

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One Response to Mad Men Recap While Sober 05×07 “At The Codfish Ball”

  1. JDawg says:

    “Sorry I had a fight in the middle of your Black Panther party.”

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