Our April SEO Report Card

Lots of people find our site and those people are weird.  Here are some search terms that brought people to our little site.

The Top 10

I had no idea that Pauly D is getting sued but thanks for all the hits everyone? You can also see why I try to get the Mad Men recaps a few minutes after it ends, I’m a whore for cheap Google hits.  The fact I typed “Michael Ginsberg” and “Mad Men” on the same Internet page before anyone else probably got us 500 hits this month.  YOUNG MONEY CASH MONEY BILLIONAIRES y’all.

This reads like a Haiku written by a horny robot who just finished analyzing Twilight.

Valid question?


Anti-Semitic imo.

When she needs it most.

You don’t tip anything.

There’s a lot of ‘Betty is fat’ searches but I liked the excitement of this one.

Not as great as last month’s longish one but very solid attempt April!

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