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Bullpen By Committee: First-Half Favorites

Here at Bullpen By Committee, we like baseball a lot. We like some things that happen in baseball even more than other things, and we call those things we like more our “favorites.” So put on your R.A. Dickey face … Continue reading

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Bullpen By Committee Goes Meta! (Not World Peace)

This week in the bullpen we’re living up to our name and (mostly) discussing all things reliever-related. And by “we,” I mean myself (Andrew) and Colin, because regular contributor Dan is apparently too busy stalking Bryce Harper or mourning this … Continue reading

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Let’s fix this whole Egypt thing

Unless you’ve been living under a rock as part of Geico’s seventh different advertising campaign, you’ve probably heard that there’s some shit going down in Egypt. Massively important shit, in fact; Egypt, the media tells us, is the heart of … Continue reading

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Presumptive Super Bowl Commercial Reviews

It’s expensive to watch Super Bowl commercials. OK, actually it’s not, but I’m sticking with the formula here, so humor me. It’s not expensive to guess what kinds of ads companies will run during the Super Bowl and critique them … Continue reading

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You’re 25; Stop Putting Your Balls On Other Guys (And Doing Other Stuff)

I recently turned 25, the first of my close friends to do so. In addition to giving me a chance to reflect on what a miserable failure my first quarter-century of life has been (and lie to myself about changes … Continue reading

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I Figured Out How to Embed Videos!!! (of Inspirational Rap Songs)

Today I’m going to do something rare and be positive! I’m going to do this by sharing some of my favorite inspirational rap songs. The idea for this post sprang from Lupe Fiasco’s new single, “Show Goes On.” On first … Continue reading

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Lost in Translation: Christmas Edition

Welcome to another occasionally recurring, non-creative, incredibly lazy feature in which I translate song lyrics into foreign languages, then back to English, and make fun of them. This particular lazy post idea was inspired by Seth Hoffman’s German translation wizardry … Continue reading

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Things That Don’t Suck About Snow

Hey, did you know it snowed yesterday?! I have a love/hate relationship with snow. Much like running around naked outside, snow is something my inner child loves but my practical adult side realizes will only lead to confinement and isolation, … Continue reading

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Twitter Flush Friday

Welcome to an occasionally recurring, always lazy and uncreative feature I’m going to call “Twitter Flush Fridays” until one of my funnier Hamsterdam pals comes up with a better name. In this mildly entertaining fantastic voyage through the Twitterverse, I’m … Continue reading

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