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Scenarios from 1990s video games that I find rather plausible

Being one of the few people in the civilized world without an advanced gaming system, I miss out on a lot of the social aspects of video games, such as inviting people over to wiggle around in front of an … Continue reading

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Wisdom Teeth: An Epilogue

Note: In this thrilling follow-up to yesterday’s post, the writer regrets his naivety and is now eating all the yogurt he can stomach. Hamsterdanmarinos, I wanted to take this opportunity to publicly apologize. While I was out for the entirety … Continue reading

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Wisdom Teeth: You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.

Well wisdom teeth, it’s been one hell of a ride. Today, I’ll be put under for an hour or so, have a small woman wedge herself into the headrest of my reclining chair, and lose a ton of face blood. … Continue reading

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Republican Primaries: What’s left to eat in the pantry? Edition

Hamsterdam is not just a blog about sports, food, and our own self-absorption . We occasionally take time to write about other self-absorbed, powerful people, and compare them to food. And today is looking brighter. The talk o’ the nation … Continue reading

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You spent your weekend on the couch and your teams lost (you talk in second person).

Things happened in sports this weekend, but you were too busy to watch (it is tough to look away from the trainwreck in New Hampshire). Luckily, Hamsterdam is here with a quick recap. Like that baby-thing in Eraserhead, we’ll take … Continue reading

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Foods you can’t eat without becoming an asshole.

“Nothing makes me feel like more of an asshole than saying the word ‘quinoa’ out loud to another human being.” -outspokenslacktivist OH REALLY, fellow blogger? How about eating it? I like eating, I do it three times a day, sometimes … Continue reading

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The 12 Days of Christmas, now available in Fun-Size

Season’s Greetings to readers out there. Over the years Christmas has gotten many a facelift thanks to commercialism and those nasty pagans. A lot of the traditions have gone by the wayside, such as the Calennig, or the burning of … Continue reading

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Black Friday is the worst, can we not vote on this?

A hearty welcome to all our racists out there that were drawn in by googling  select words from the title. You are disgusting, wretched people, but I would be more than happy to take your pages views and/or money. With … Continue reading

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Biggest Loser Episode 6: Halloween Hotness (Trick or Meat)

Welcome, and beware to all that enter this frighteningly spooktacular look back on Episode 6 (six) (VI) of this season’s Biggest Loser. Just like our standard bearer for all things Episode VI, Return of the Jedi, we feel like the … Continue reading

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Biggest Loser Episode 5: Meat on the Horizon

It’s a great day to be alive, isn’t it? You’re damn right, Biggest Loser Enthusiast. Grab a guilty pleasure snack and let’s jump right into Week 5. Feel free to catch up on previous weeks as needed before jumping into … Continue reading

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