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Five Habits of Highly Ineffective Slacktivists

Jason Russell’s Kony 2012 video, which aimed to focus the world’s attention on Joseph Kony, a Ugandan guerrilla leader and his horrific actions, has raised awareness of another topic as well: slacktivism. While Russell’s role in creating the video and … Continue reading

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How To Lose (And Troll) Your NCAA Bracket Pool

Everyone is trying to win their NCAA bracket pool but do you know what the odds of that are?  It’s one in however-many-people-entered, which, mathematically speaking, is one in three.

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How To Get Your Friends To Like Your Music

I have a dirty secret to tell you, everyone hates your taste in music.

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Things worth giving up for Lent

Readers, I have some sobering news for those of you going without alcohol for 40 days: Lent is upon us. I hope you got in your fair share of mild revelry at your local bar, because the next 6 weeks … Continue reading

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Five Ways To Ruin Your Significant Other’s Valentine’s Day

Last year, I wrote about Valentine’s Day not being the complete worst. This year, I will tell you how to destroy it.  I’m so punk rock.  Basically the Avril Lavigne of the Internet. Anal Sex

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Scenarios from 1990s video games that I find rather plausible

Being one of the few people in the civilized world without an advanced gaming system, I miss out on a lot of the social aspects of video games, such as inviting people over to wiggle around in front of an … Continue reading

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Three Things Working in Food Service Taught Me About People

They say that everyone should wait tables at one time in their lives. Of course, “they” are usually current or former waiters, who believe that people should have to serve food to the general public in order to gain empathy … Continue reading

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