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Men are Stupid and Women are the Worst.

If there’s one thing I hate it’s everything.  Under this umbrella of “everything” is the discussion of the differences between men and women.  I’m not sure there is anything more tedious than reading about how men masturbate differently or how … Continue reading

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I’m Starting a Cult, Who Wants In?

I finished reading “Helter Skelter” over the weekend.  Pretty cool book if you enjoy the feeling of hating humanity.  However, it has given me the genius idea that I need to start a cult as soon as possible (ASAP).What I … Continue reading

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What To Do If You Don’t Like The New Radiohead Album

1. Panic =There are few times when you are allowed to legitimately panic, such as your spouse was in a car accident and you don’t know the extent of their injuries or when you are really really hungry.  After digesting … Continue reading

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What Should Be This Decade’s Offensive Punchline?

[Ed. Note: This whole thing is pretty offensive, as you can tell by my very specific headline.  So put your morals in the freezer for a few minutes until you’re done reading this.] If you haven’t seen Crimes And Misdemeanors, … Continue reading

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Who Wants To Have A Child Out Of Wedlock With Me So I’ll Stop Giving A Fuck About Sports?

Remember that friend you have, the one who is turning 30 in three months and going crazy and talking about “trapping” the next guy she dates by getting pregnant? Give her my number. Hi. I don’t want a relationship, in … Continue reading

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How to Improve Your Movie Going Experience

 I hate it when people bemoan the movie going experience.  “It’s too expensive!” Really?  The film cost $200 million to make and you’re upset about the $12 ticket?  “The food is too expensive!” Then don’t buy any fattie.  “People talk … Continue reading

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Let’s Start 2011 By Not Doing A Few Things We Did in 2010, Mm’kay?

2010 was an AMAZING year if you loved republicans, Duke basketball, and being fat. Here are a few tips how to make 2011 a more successful year by avoiding some of the pitfalls of 2010.  SMH Shaking My Head.  This … Continue reading

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