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Hamsterdam Health Update: Those jeans make your butt look like a slightly larger butt.

Ariba, muchacos! I’m back from my self-imposed exile from blogging. I hope you enjoyed your vacation. I’m happy to return today, because we’ve got something extremely important to discuss. Besides your semi-annual trip to the gym, we’ve got some groundbreaking … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Gambling Results

You remember when we did this and this?  That was fun.  Here are the results after we gave our Hamsterdam writers a $1000 to gamble with on Super Bowl Sunday: strO: $1816.32 nomnomnomics: $845.75 fhyrew: $708.21 outspokenslacktivist: $676.45 ripatranzone: $645.91 … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Gambling Part II

Click here for Part I of our gambling spectacular. Total TD’s in Super Bowl vs. Total Goals in Penguins/Capitals game Super Bowl +.5 -115 Hockey Game -.5 -115 nineninety: Super Bowl $50strO: WTF is this? I’ll go with the better … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Gambling Part I

Hamsterdam has given each of its writers $1,000 US dollars to gamble on Sunday.  They must place their money on the following 10 bets and they can place as much or as little as they want on each individual bet. … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Memories

Everyone has memories, except for babies and amnesia victims.  Since none of us here are babies or amnesia victims, here are some of our favorite Super Bowl memories.RIPATRANZONE: Super Bowl XLII: Plaxico Burress catches the winning touchdown pass.   I … Continue reading

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You’re 25; Stop Putting Your Balls On Other Guys (And Doing Other Stuff)

I recently turned 25, the first of my close friends to do so. In addition to giving me a chance to reflect on what a miserable failure my first quarter-century of life has been (and lie to myself about changes … Continue reading

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I Figured Out How to Embed Videos!!! (of Inspirational Rap Songs)

Today I’m going to do something rare and be positive! I’m going to do this by sharing some of my favorite inspirational rap songs. The idea for this post sprang from Lupe Fiasco’s new single, “Show Goes On.” On first … Continue reading

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